Doing Business On The Net?



Value Added Tax (VAT) paid on business transactions on the internet.

Europe and other industrialized countries have a system for charging VAT (sales tax) on e-commerce. Does your company do business via the internet? Do you buy and sell on the net?

Do you know:

  • the rules and regulations for VAT on e-commerce transactions in applicable countries?
  • the amount of VAT charged on business to business sales, business to consumer sales, registration of non-resident operations in Europe, North America and other countries?
  • what the VAT rates are for every country with a VAT refund system in place?
  • whether you have to pay VAT, or if you are eligible for a VAT refund?
  • how VAT charged on net transactions affects your business?

INSATAX Corporation, owned by European Accountants and North American based, assists companies to file VAT (Value Added Tax) refund claims and has been doing so successfully for businesses worldwide since 1991. Our clients range from the small exporter to the larger Fortune 500 company.

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